Small Box 1.5 cu. ft. (books and heavy items) 16x12x12$2.10
Medium Box 3.0 cu. ft. (medium weight items) 18x18x16$3.00
Large Box 4.5 cu. ft. (lightweight items) 18x18x24$3.50
Extra Large Box 6.0 cu. ft. (bulky lightweight items) 24x18x24$4.50
Dish Pack 5.1 cu. ft. double walled (dishes/glasses) 18x18x28 $5.50
TV Box double walled 45x6x31 $16.00
TV Box double walled 60x12x38 $26.00
File Box with Lid (standard) $3.50
Wardrobe Box with bar (clothing on hangers, chairs) 24x21x48 $15.00
Mirror/Picture Box Piece - large customizable piece 48x34 $2.50
X-LG TV Box$52.00
Lamp Box 12x12x40 $4.50
Mattress Bag (fits up to king size) $5.00
Bubble Wrap (2 feet wide)$ .50/ft
Tape roll 2” x 110 yards $5.00
Stretch Wrap 1500 yards x 18' $30.00
Furniture Pad - Heavy Quilt $16.00
Furniture Pad - 3 Ply Paper 4'X6' $2.50
Wardrobe with Bar rental $5.00
25# Bundle of Packing Paper $27.00
Speed Pack rental $10.00
Local Delivery to LOL or Lutz area with purchase under $50.00 $5.00
Local Delivery to LOL or Lutz area with purchase over $50.00 FREE
*** You can also pick up supplies at our office. ***

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