1. Use new boxes or treat used boxes with pesticide to kill insect eggs.

2. Have a garage sale, donate or give away items you don’t use or need.

3. Seal boxes/tote bins with packing tape. Never interfold flaps or overfill.

4. Lamps, valuables, and propane tanks should go in your car.

5. Label all boxes clearly with room name and contents on the sides or top.

6. Furniture hardware should be placed in a baggie and taped to the base.

7. Pack electronics in their original boxes or padded in a strong box.

8. Empty gas out of all equipment being transported.

9. After packing a box, stack it close to the loading area, to lessen load time.

10. Use dish pack boxes for your fine china or stemware.

11. Take advantage of our rental wardrobe boxes on move day.

12. Wrap your dishes, glasses and breakables with linens and towels.

13. Use small boxes for heavy items, and large boxes for lighter items.

14. Store pillows and comforters in drawers and armoires.

15. Use newspaper, linens, towels, and pillows as filling material.

16. Remove all files from lateral and vertical file cabinets.

17. Leave light clothing in your dresser drawers. We shrink wrap/pad all furniture.

18. Stack your dishes vertically (never horizontally). Line your box with a towel.

19. Lamp shades should be removed and boxed.

20. Stuff and wrap stemware & glasses with wash cloths & linens. Place upright.

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